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Interview with QwikSense

and Rockstart Alumni Paul Stomph

Who are you and why did you start your startup? 

We are three ambitious young professionals with drive to make it possible for everyone to work in a productive and energy efficient environment.

After graduating and starting our own company we named it ReFit Real Estate. Our ambition was to do something with vacant properties in the Netherlands. Today, this is still a big problem. With ReFit we intended to make revitalization plans to give those buildings a new life in a sustainable way. But the conventional real estate market was not ready, so we had to find another way to sustain vacant property in the Netherlands.

We have discovered that the knowledge of what happens inside a building is the ultimate tool to make relevant changes to it. We did some tests/ projects and found out that the indoor air quality in some buildings was really poor. Even in the worst scenarios, those buildings were wasting tons of energy and had an unhealthy indoor climate! We saw a big chance to solve this and at the same time, sustain the environment within the building in a healthy and energy efficient way. That is why we started QwikSense.

What problem are you solving?

Existing building systems are measuring at wrong locations within the building (on the inlet and outlet of temperature / humidity), which allows building managers to make incorrect decisions about their building’s systems. The result being that more than 70% of residential buildings have problems with inadequately set building systems (TNO). With the right insight, advice and solutions, productivity can increase up to 15% (ISSO) and the energy use decrease up to 30% (TNO).

QwikSense enables organizations to create healthy, productive and energy efficient work environments by generating actionable sensor data and analytics on workplace level.

We allow companies to measure the quality of work environments by providing self-made devices that track CO2 levels, temperature, dust, humidity and other relevant factors. Based on that data, relevant suggestions can be done to improve the environment, and save energy in the process.

What are you struggling most with, could you use some advice?

We are looking for the right partners at the moment, who could use ourQwikSense data to offer the right solutions to his clients or building managers. From this perspective, with which strategic partner should we work with?

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